Below are answers to some of the questions prospective students and applicants often ask. Answers to faculty questions about the MSE Fellowships are posted near the bottom of the page.

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Applications FAQ

I'm already a Notre Dame graduate student. Is there an annual “window of opportunity” for transferring into the Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) program?

There is no set time during the year for a student’s transfer into the program. Once you have discussed your interest with your advisor and decided this is the right move for you, then you should move forward with transferring into the program. It can be done in the fall, spring, or summer semester.

I'm applying to the Graduate School at Notre Dame. What is the deadline for applying to the MSE doctoral program?

Notre Dame's MSE doctoral program is interdisciplinary. This means that students will apply through one of the participating departments/programs in the College of Engineering or College of Science. Those are listed here.

Applicants will follow that department's application process and requirements. The application deadlines vary by department/program and are listed on the Notre Dame Graduate School website.

Is funding available to MSE students in the form of teaching or research assistantships?

All graduate students involved in the MSE graduate program will be supported by funding either in the form of teaching or research assistantships during their time at Notre Dame as long as they remain in good standing with their home department.

Do I need to identify a faculty advisor before I can apply?

You are not required to secure an advisor before coming to Notre Dame. However, we encourage you to spend time learning more about the faculty in the participating departments/programs. When you find faculty with research of interest to you, please reach out and let them know of your interest.

What degree is earned?

For example, if a student is admitted through the Chemistry Department or Electrical Engineering Department and successfully completes all requirements, the interdisciplinary degree earned would be "Chemistry: Materials Science and Engineering" or "Electrical Engineering: Materials Science and Engineering."

Does the MSE program offer fee waivers?

Information about fee waivers is available on the Notre Dame Graduate School website. Applicants can also direct questions about fee waivers to the admitting department/program. 

When will I be notified of the decision on my application?

The admitting department/program can advise applicants about when to expect a decision on their application.

What is required for the Graduate School application?

A wealth of information is available to assist applicants on the Notre Dame Graduate School website.

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Fellowships FAQ

How many proposals can I submit (as an advisor vs an interdisciplinary mentor, for incoming vs current students)?

There isn't a limit on the number of proposals that faculty can submit. The intent of these fellowships is to support collaborative, interdisciplinary research that can grow into new funding for faculty. The student would be supported by this fellowship for one year to help provide results to support new proposals. The early submissions are meant to provide fellowships for students who have been admitted to Notre Dame and are strong students for the home department and MSE program. The Executive Committee will make timely decisions, to get a response back to the faculty and student, to aid their decision.

Can faculty members from outside Notre Dame serve as an interdisciplinary mentor?

Yes, as long as it is allowed by the student's home department.

Can faculty from a department that doesn't participate in the MSE program serve as an interdisciplinary mentor?


Does the proposal need to specify the name of an incoming student?

Yes. Since fellowship decisions are based on both the merits of the proposed research and the student, a student needs to be identified as part of the proposal. If you have an idea for a project but have not identified a student, current students in their first and second years are also eligible for the fellowship. If the student is not an MSE student, they would become an MSE student after being awarded the fellowship.

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